Wednesday, September 30, 2009

26th Day of School!

Parents and Students,
Can you believe that it is the 26th day? I cannot!!! I guess when you are out with the Swine flu for 4 1/2 days you lose some perspective :) Mrs. Goins and I wanted to let parents know that we are going to try to update this website more often with classroom announcements as well as homework updates! Please check back often!! We are also going to put the classroom newsletter on here if we can figure that out :) If you subscribe to our webpage you will be notified when it has been updated!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Curriculum Night!

Don't forget that curriculum night starts at 6:00 pm on Monday! After our short talk you can wander down to the cafeteria and buy a hotdog or two and support the 8th grade field trip fund!!! Community night starts after the brief PTO meeting at 7:00.

Thanks for the great week last week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

TGIF tomorrow!

Hey out there! I answered some questions today about the reading homework. Here are the highlights;

Q: Do we have to read 2 chapter books?
A: No, if your book is LOOONNGG you may use that book for both of the reports/reviews.

Q: Can we do the homework if we are not done with the book?
A: yes, please complete the questions even if you are not done.

Q: I lost my report/review paper can I have another?
A: yes, and they were given a copy today after I asked several times who needed one.

Q: Do our parents need to sign our planner/agenda each night?
A: YES!!! Please record the title of the book that was read and how many minutes.

This is a learning process for all of us as we are starting a new school year. Please just roll with us as we are getting all the kinks out of our system!!! I think we have solved the locker problem with reading and social studies! I will keep you updated on that :)

Remember to study those words for the spelling test tomorrow!!!!
See ya at the Creek!

Starting on Monday we will not be accepting "I forgot" as an excuse for homework and we will have to go with the 5-8th grade homework plan that could result in a detention for students that are not completing their homework.