Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week Two!

Well it is beginning, HOMEWORK! Most of the other grades have had homework already but we were being kind and generous before the onslaught of work. Now reality is here and so is the work :) It's really not that bad.

Here is your tentative schedule;

Reading: Read 25 minutes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

write at least 2 book reviews that are due Friday morning (form will be handed out).

Spelling: Study your words every night.

Math: You will have a math sheet on Monday that is due Wednesday and a Math Sheet Wednesday that is due on Friday.

Other: There might be other assignments along the way that need to be completed at home. These are on a need basis and will be fully explained before being sent home.

Thanks for your attention to these items. These assignments are not mindless time wasters but activities that we hope will review what we are learning in class and help them to practice new skills that are needed.

See ya at the Creek!

Mrs. Efird

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day #2 of Fifth Grade

Today was the second day of school and it was fun! I am having such a good time with all of you! It has been eye opening to say the least. I cannot believe how much trouble these lockers are :) I know that the students love them, BUT until they fit into our daily procedures I am still not BFF with them.

Just a reminder that we do not have any "assigned" homework this week other than decorating your cow/marble journals. Next week will be soon enough for the homework to begin.

I will be awarding students with 100% of their paperwork turned in on Friday with their homework passes. These passes can be used for any REGULAR assignments, they cannot be used for projects though :) Sorry guys!!! You will still have to do the Atlas Project.
Thanks for coming to meet me in person, or I should say get reaquainted with me at Open House. I know most of you from being at RCS, or from the first go around in second grade. Please be on the look out for our newsletter to come home this week as well as a date for Curriculum night!!!

See ya at the Creek!

Mrs. Efird

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to 5th Grade!!!


I am so excited to be part of the fifth grade team! I have taught many of you when you were a much smaller second graders and I was a much bigger second grade teacher :) Now we are geting ready to strike out on a new journey, FIFTH GRADE!! I hope that you are as ready as I am to get things rolling and to get the fun and learning underway! I have already mapped out much of the first semester and look forward to all of the projects and lessons we will be doing together!

First of all Open House night you will get a welcome packet. These packets include information about RCS , our class as well as fifth grade specific things! If you can, please fill out the things that need filling out and bring them back asap, so that we can get the housekeeping things done and over with!

Secondly we will be starting homework (I know it's a bad word) on the first full week, which is Monday, August 31st. Don't worry I am going easy on you the first week. The first week you will only be required to read (your choice of material this week) for 30 minues. We will build up to the full load by the end of September :) I don't want homework to be overwhelming but I do want it to be informative and to help you use what you learn in class.

If you are having trouble getting something done, please come to me. Do not wait until the day before something is due to make excuses. Also if you are not getting your nightly reading done this will affect your reading grade so please see me ASAP if you need time during the school day to get your reading in. I don't want to make this a habit but I want you to succeed!!!

Lastly for today, please talk to your parents about volunteering :) We will not have an assistant this year and I can always use help getting bulletin boards done, doors decorated, copies ran, one on one with students, whatever their gifted area I can find them a job in our class :)

I can't wait until I see everyone at open house! If you want to bring your supplies that night you can, there will be places on the side counters for you to put everything. Just look for the right tags!

Until open house,

Mrs. Efird